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Windows Remote Services

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Especially helpful on malware detection side, many of the command-line tools in windows, support remote machines too.


While you can use 'Computer Management' to connect to a remote console, many commands such as tasklist and taskkill support remote system commands.

tasklist /s 'computername or IP'

Replace the 'quote text' with said machine or IP address. If you want to output these to a text file for review and archiving, any command you use will support 'less than' > pathing for your results to be dumped into a flat-file.

tasklist /s 'computername or IP' > C:FileName.log

I recommend writing to a sub-directory and not the root of the C: drive, as users without admin privileges will get an error creating the file.


If you are really in a pinch and want to invoke a soft-shutdown of a windows machine, taskkill the svchost.exe processes and one of them will invoke a reboot. This is helpful if you get an error trying to execute the following shutdown command for a remote PC.

shutdown /m 'computername or IP' -r
The -r designates a reboot, while the -m in this case is specifying to do this on a remote PC and not your local PC.

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