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I have been playing Splatoon for about a week now. Below will detail what game modes I am familiar with so you can make a better choice if you are into this game or not.

Game Modes:
Online Battle: You can play ranked matches when you hit Level 10, but in the mean time you can play Turf War with others online. 4 x 4 player teams and your challenge is to paint as much of the floor of levels as your team can. Deathmatch is part of it, but you are really more concerned with covering turf in your ink. The last 60 seconds are a rush to keep your painted turf and to steal more from the rival team.
1 player only per console, online play. Wii U Gamepad only for this mode. You can turn off the gyro controlls, but will likely take a big accuracy hit doing so with right-stick vertical aiming.

Single Player: There is a single player mode with maps and boss fights to play. I am currently on the 3rd zone in my playing. Single player will give you perks a la extra weapons you can use in multi-player.

Local Multi-player: You can also play against friends in your home, with one console, game and screen. Battle Arena is the mode where you can have a friend play against you via a wii pro controller or Wii remote and nunchuck. Also helpful for exploring maps you will see in multi-player, as they are the same maps.

Amiibo Challenges: If you have some of the 3 Splatoon Amiibos, you can interact with the Amiibo box in the town hub. This will allow you to play some remixed challenges, that will reward you with gear to put on your avatar. This gear is also presented in online games, so those perks from the gear can be helpful. Amiibo required to scan each time you load the game up and try to resume those challenges.

The maps and content is slowly being rolled out, as tonight a new weapon unlocks for you to obtain. Map rotation for multi-player changes every few hours, with a new maps entering the rotation weekly or so.

Splatoon customizing is easy. You can change gender and color attributes anytime you want from the city hub (game lobby). Another feature you will see, is Miiverse images and text displaying in town. Interesting layer for when you are between matches or maps.

As with most Amiibos, they are pretty hard to find on release. The 3 pack of Splatoon amiibos is either sold out or being sold for double the original price. I was able to find the Boy and Girl amiibo, but as the squid is exclusive to the 3 pack, it is pretty rare.

Now that I have covered the modes, allow a brief overview of the gameplay.
You are a Squid who also has a humanoid form. In squid mode, you can swim in your own team ink color, as this is a faster and stealthier means of traveling. Various weapon types of weapons require different defensive methods. There is a good amount of combat diversity, especially since (turf war, at least) is driven on claiming area in ink, not so much kill counts of other players.

I'm enjoying myself so far. I got a capture the flag feel playing this game, granted that largely stems from the gameplay depending on more than just frag count.

2015-06-30 edit:
I finished single player last night. Wow that final level was a wild run and took many runs to clear. I found that +1.5 (gyro) sensitivity was a good setting for me. Single player was fun for the few hours it gave me. As for multiplayer, I am level 8 with a few thousand XP before level up. Multiplayer is alright, but as with most random player games, you are at the mercy of your team. Another aspect is the weapon selection based on your current map. Skate park without a roller for example, is going to be a rough time.

Amiibo challenges are remixes of the single player maps. So you will see varied gun restrictions for some of the levels you already played. 3 maps then a boss fight will net you some new armor and/or weapons. New maps and weapons are rolling out over the weeks as well, so when you login / load the game, you'll see the twins do their talk show and give you the news on items, new maps and active ones.

The option to change your avatar gender and attributes is nice, especially when you get new armor that looks completely ridiculous on a male character. I did this with some of the rewards from completing the SP story and it's a nice feature to have, especially in an online game. Saving you the hassle of making a different character and loosing your levels and attributes.

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