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Doom 2016

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I want to start by saying I made it to chapter 06 before I fired up cheat codes. I was playing on "I'm too young to die" but I was still getting stomped in that chapter. I started out on "Hurt me plenty" but that lasted a few minutes on the horde enemy count.

I'm really glad I turned on God mode and kept playing, as this was a fun story to complete. The level design is pretty good and the map layering and display is top-notch. Trying to find the secret areas on the map can be confusing, but that's likely intentional. Side-content wise, the challenges give you some insanely overpowered and awesome perks. NPC enemies are your foe in the single player. There is multi-player and a map editor, but honestly I have yet to try either one of those two things.

Thanks to cheat codes, I can see myself crawling through some levels to unlock extra levels and content (or just watching YouTube videos). Speaking of cheats, the charAdd commands seem to no longer work in your ~ console. So you may remember key-hunting in original doom games, but IDKFA and the like are not workable codes, that I currently know of. Granted you miss some exploration if you don't take the key get paths.

I was considering not finishing this game until I rolled God mode on. I can say the enemy difficulty from Chapter 06 will certainly scale up, so if you are being butchered and want to keep on, tuck away your pride and roll some cheat codes. Hahaha I was a huge save state user for old-school doom, so the whole "Replay seemingly impossible battle until you clear it and save" is something you will lose in this game, since it's of the Auto-sav& Checkpoint variety.

I had about 3 or so crashes to desktop, but luckily it was just after a checkpoint saved. The melee kills are a fun way to get some health back in heated battles. I think I'm tuned to try to melee systems in any game I play.

In conclusion, it's a good game but it is pretty difficult, imo. Worth picking up to play, but be sure to cheat if you get legit stuck. ;)

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I am replaying this on the Switch as I got a copy for Xmas.  A new patch just dropped that enables you to use gyro controls, increases frame rate and fixes some audio and game bugs.

The Gyro aiming is intense!  It's a really cool way to play a shooter, especially since dual-stick shooters and I are not on good terms.  When I played on PC, I cheated haha.
I'm doing a playthrough on the Switch in I'm too young to die.  No shame in not being an elite skilled shooter :p

The map exploration is a good time and that added to me getting a copy for switch.  I have not tried gyro aim in portable mode, as I tend to play docked with detached joycons.  Standing up, it's almost like exercise.  Call me a sissy, but Doom in a VR setting is not quite the kind of experience I'm looking for.  That's why I opted for the Switch version instead of Doom VFR. Well couple that with the Bethesda to Oculus beef they have going on and you have my full reason for avoiding their VR titles.

Wrapping up that VR beef story.  The Switch version is good and fun.  They patched some issues that needed addressed, while also adding some cool features.  Here are the Bethesda patch notes.

The most recent patch was pretty quick and seemingly small.  Be warned that the 1st patch for Doom was 1.1 GB.  So if you have limited free space on your console and or a limited internet connection, patching may be a concern.
Storage sizes on my switch with the game card edition of the game are:
7.2 MB on the console,
8.0 GB on my SD Card.
According to some searches, the 8 GB are the multiplayer components of the game.  The core game is about 13 GB, so at least that's on the game cart.  If you buy and download it from the store, be prepared for quite a bit of used storage.

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