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Thanks again to everyone who came out to the Open House @ Philly Secure Shell. I handed out some stickers with the BlissPC.com address, so I wanted to share a 2014 thread about Bitcoin Miner Malware. A random note, is to use google and type 'bitcoin miner site:funtimebliss.com'. You will get the 1st result, but it looks like there is some redirection poisoning going on there. It bounces to a URL4SHORT_info page. I have to explore that some more.


A friendly reminder that I do not do the advertisers thing on the site, as I believe in sharing information and not exposing people to advertiser traffic and potential infection by way of poorly moderated advertising networks. I have had the forums up for about 13 years now and plan to keep doing so. When I jump into hardware or software reviews, I do so of my own opinion and observations. No one has, nor ever will send me a free product to view, without that being clearly defined as the scenario. Even if that were to occur, I would also remain to be critical.

Pardon the blurb, but I really felt this needed to be a front-page post and known reminder. I have purchased products and services before with known issues, that were never shared at launch, due to review deals and all sorts of other anti-consumer deals. There is no support for that here, nor will there ever be. I'm into this for sharing information and learning more from people I chat with and meet. Now that I shared some of my ethos, allow me to drop a link for our Hackerspace in South Philadelphia, PA.

I speak as me, a real person who is occasionally (to often) grumpy. I do try to be nice though :bunny:

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