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Babble out 2016

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I'll start this out by thanking Apple for a lackluster product release in the new Macs this year. I was considering a new laptop from Apple, for the sake of a nice UX (OS X) with a Nix backend and brew to help run linux native apps, but then I priced out what the 2016 models would run, including thunderbolt adapters. Rant story short, I'm getting a Windows laptop with some high performance specs and setting it up as a multi-boot between Windows and Linux.

I have a HP laptop I got on a open-box sale with an Intel Atom CPU. To be completely honest, it's shitty. The size is convenient, but performance is poor. Beyond the scope of quick note taking and playing back movies, it is pretty bad for multiple-tab web browsing, crawling large data sets, network scanning and so on. Social network sites will go unresponsive and scrolling will be lag-filled too. Just cross off gaming as an option, unless you are DosBox'ing some old school games.

Speaking of data sets, Yahoo is all sorts of jammed up with their user databases being leaked and sold. If there is a lesson to be learned here, don't sweep a breach under the rug, because it will probably come up in an audit when trying to sell your business. Ranting further, I continue to wonder how Adobe Flash still exists and more so, how people can quantify advertising online as not being a huge vulnerability vector. I get that the money is tempting, but those shitty advertisements are making your viewers / clients super vulnerable to being exploited. Especially around the holiday season.

Back to laptops, I scoped around for a nice build quality and sized device. Out of my hunting I'm going with a FHD Razer Blade 1060 GTX laptop. I wanted a machine with performance, yet a small footprint that also doesn't look like a silly transformer of a laptop. The cost is higher for doing so, but I hope to get my value out of it. Especially being able to travel and grind out projects, with the perk of booting my gaming PC into ESXI or Zen.

Into 2017, I should have some more guides and tools available. I respect the ability to run some compiled tool from the internet, but I'm a fan of learning native applications and how to get the same results, without additional tools and installs being required. It feels a little more empowering to query the native utility for what you are looking for, than to rely on a bunch of dependencies and a wrapper that is probably calling the same thing you would be manually invoking.

To recap the prior paragraph (especially in my mindset), do you want to buy a program that outputs your results to a window, or call a command that gives you the results and can be applied to multiple machines / platforms? I'm also a person who cleans up the pad and fires up old hardware to see if it still works. I'll either donate it or use it in some home project. It's funny how a 1.8 GHz Athlon XP computer, is about to scale as a Raspberry Pi.

A few years ago, I stopped keeping the 486/DX4 I had under my bed. As much fun as booting old equipment is, I try to not hoard equipment. After some time, a huge collection of IDE cables looses it's value. Same for a bunch of Danger Den copper waterblocks, from the Athlon XP era.

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