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atkex_cmd.exe error

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So you may have installed some windows updates and one of them is for Realtek audio drivers. Upon a reboot, you may very well see 3 or so errors about atkex_cmd.exe.

So far, all I have for a resolution is to remove the Realtek HD Audio drivers. Searching your windows install, it should be around c:\Program files\Realtek\HDA\. It looks like the device driver installs hdaudio.inf and hdxrog.inf. Noting that I do have a Republic of Gamers model Asus motherboard. There is also a Driver Service called IntcAzAudAddService.

I wanted to share if anyone wins some new odd errors. From Windows 8.1 Pro x64. For sake of my ease, I use a Creative Recon3D device. Even grabbing the latest HD audio driver from the Realtek site (from mid-Dec 2016), the error remains, until you uninstall the Realtek software.

The (windows) update says it's pushing MEDIA - 11/8/2016 - driver version From the Realtek driver site we have latest of version R2.80 with a file name of 0007-64bit_Win7_Win8_Win81_Win10_R280.exe.
For conversation's sake, I did remove this version after installing it didn't resolve the errors. I also tried the prior version from 2014, but it still errors, from what I think is related to the device driver and the 2 .inf files listed above.

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