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I'm pretty fed up with the social network flutter. Especially so far in 2017, it's more divisive shit talk than anything else. Common sense stuff turns into a fluff piece and 'security' news wants to go insane over a Dlink flaw, that is default disabled. I get it can be exploited locally, but to push the issue as if it is default owned via internet, is really deceptive.


I'm continuing to work on my various projects, occasionally write some stuff, and relaxing by playing some games and watching various media and documentaries. In respect to mainstream news, that entire sphere seems like an utter joke. My question is what is really happening, while the major outlets fap about Trump 24/7. Most of the humanitarian issues have been rampant for far longer than 2017, but as most political cycles, people want to blame the last person in office and put faith in the current person to repair a systemically corrupt institution. Rounding out my rant, I'm just trying to keep learning and haring information. Along the way, encountering more people who seemingly give a shit, further than generating some side income for every effort and venture.


Haha Happy February. Keep doing what you are into, because the people trying to tell you otherwise, likely have no clue what the fuck they are talking about. Nice part about writing on your own site, you can swear to illustrate a point without being concerned to offending people for illustrating your stance.


<3 grumpy sysAdmin

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I meant Netgear instead of Dlink, but all the points stand.


I took a nap and feel a little better, but hey I still have opinions. :)


I saw this mentioned on Twitter, but it does appear ebay.com removed https completely. Seemingly because they were having certificate errors. WOW I'm using caps because that shit is dumb as fuck.


2017, ladies and gentlemen.

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