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Accurate member count

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I dropped multiple thousand bot accounts a few years ago, but since Invision didn't have nice controls back then I had to do it by SQL queries and deletes.  Current Gen Invision is nice in that I can search the AdminCP for banned members and delete thousands at a time.  Granted they will queue deletion.

Point of the thread is the member count will go from 7000+ to the more accurate few hundred, actual people who signed up over the years.
If you have and old school account you are grandfathered in and always welcome to post.  If you lost track of that Hotmail or whatever old school email you signed up with, just drop me an email or msg on some social network and we should be able to verify it's you fairly easily.
I know quite a few of you changed nics so many damn times, that I'd need to perform some historical referencing to confirm who was who.  Lol whatever.  I can just make you a new account too.  I play DataBase Admin so I can get funky on user merges too.

Edit to note real member count is down to 180.  That most recent user was a nice bot I approved to see what they were up to, but they never came back.  It's been almost 2 years since they posted. :p

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