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Super Meat Boy

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Somehow I never made a thread for Super Meat Boy.  Fortunately I'm fixing that issue today.
If you want to play a fierce platformer that now is also on Nintendo Switch for your portable desires, scoop up this game.  You can score this for $15 on Switch and probably a bit cheaper on Steam via PC edition.

I played it on PC originally but am already further into Hell on the Switch than I got on PC.  I want to note that Meat World (Custom Maps from the Internet) are only available on the PC version.  Besides that, you get all that meaty goodness on your platform of choice, since this game is also on Playstation and Microsoft consoles.

I have had a few lunch breaks of playing this and swearing in a coffee shop.  I highly recommend this setting.  I also play at home, but find the lunch break platforming rage is quite therapeutic.

Super Meat Boy has a rolling scope of difficulty and it turns that knob up pretty quickly.  The main reason I was able to get to the 4th world pretty quickly on Switch, is from playing it on PC and remembering some of the levels.  I also see there is a 2-player option on the Switch version, so I'll find someone to try that out with me and share some rage.

If you ever wanted to support an indie game, this is your chance.  If this is the first indie game you have played, I'm kind of sad for you, but there is time to resolve that.  Score yourself some Super Meat Boy and rage your way to saving that meaty sweetie, Bandage Girl.

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