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Final Fantasy XV Benchmark

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There is a Final Fantasy XV Benchmark for PC (NA), to prepare for the PC release of the full game.  Be warned that the shown benchmark score comparisons they give you will likely be higher than your recorded score.

Thank Windows 10 1709 Creators Update (version for that.  While I do not know the cause of the slowdown, it has been pretty consistently recorded on sites for frame drops.  Perhaps an OS level stop-patch for the processor vulns, I am not sure.  Expect a frame drop though as I felt one in other play, but thought that was the Oculus 2.0 beta.  Enough on that rambling theory.  Notice on the benchmark site that their screencap for the demo has Windows version 10.0.15063.

I'm getting average 7700 score on the performance high 1080p setting.  On my 1080 Ti 11GB it seems 720p with high setting scores the same score.  When checking the Stats output, it will open a window for web browser results.  Running the high 3840x2160 resolution put me around 3xxx maybe 4100 score.

Let me add some machine context. I am on Windows 10 Pro (version above) with an Intel Core i7-7700k @ 4.20 GHz (4.5 GHz load) with 32 GB RAM and a Nvidia Geforce 1080 Ti 11GB running Nvidia driver 390.77.

In my testing, it looks like the game window is 1080p no matter your option and the upscaling or downscaling are applied in that window.  This is somewhat supported in my benchmark score between 720p and 1080p as the scores are nearly identical.

1080p High Quality Score:
8111 with High Performance ranking.

4k High Quality Score:
4436 with Standard Performance ranking.

720p High Quality Score:
8067 with High Performance ranking.

Additional benchmarks below for standard quality are in my next post.  In my testing on an HD TV @ 4k and a PC LCD 144 Hz display, scores ended up basically identical, as the benchmark has score drift of a hundred or so points.

You can definitely see the quality increase running 4k, as the license plate in the start of the benchmark becomes clearly readable.  I have to say I'm cool with the 1080p window upscaling to 4k, because that means I can play the game @ 4k and 60 FPS on a TV with my PC.  I checked these with display details on the PC LCD and also on the TV via Info on my Samsung remote control.

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All of these benchmarks have been run in Full Screen. These are for Standard Quality, as the above scores are for High Quality.

1080p Standard Quality settings.
10318 with Very High Performance ranking.

4k Standard Quality settings.
5460 with Fairly High Performance ranking.

720p Standard Quality settings.
10586 with Very High Performance ranking.

As seen above, 720p and 1080p essentially score the same.  You get a little performance increase with standard at 4k resolution, but if you can get away with it, the extra features are quite impressive looking.

Lite Quality will cut many enhancements but you will see a higher frame rate and performance score.  Here are the 3 resolutions run with Lite Quality settings.

1080p Lite Quality settings.
11145 with Very High Performance ranking.

4k Lite Quality settings.
7873 with Fairly High Performance ranking.

720p Lite Quality settings.
11249 with Very High Performance ranking.

Not really a huge difference besides at 4k resolution.  I saw around that the score is comparable to your frame rate.  So 7873 would be 78 FPS.  I charted the scores for your benefit, as it is more apparent than reading the similar 720p and 1080p scores.


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