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Learning Linux Issues

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One of the biggest issues you will encounter learning Linux, is how most anything you may search for, will fall in 2 camps of info:
Pre-Systemd and Post-Systemd.

Guides and articles from 2013 or earlier will especially be based on older utilities that have been decommissioned but may still exist on recent distributions.  It can be a little maddening but that's where more specific and newer articles are your guide.  Ideally, the newer write ups will reference the older method too.  Both for the sake of showing up in your search results and showing how both old and new work, so you can get to your solution.

Case example for me here, is setting up a NTP server to do internal time synchronization for machines not able to contact a Windows Domain Controller.
ntpd exists but not as a stand-alone server, as it's part of ntp services.  tzselect works to set your timezone as a command but does not impact anything, since timedatectl is the current handler for system time on Raspbian and other more recent distro releases.

Once you set the right timezone, ntpd -qg will connect to your defined external ntp servers, so your local service will have accurate timing to share with the internal machines you want to clock sync.  To check your status for the ntp service to see it's running state, you want to:
systemctl status ntp

I just wanted to share a potentially helpful rant, as searching for information online, tends to bring up the older linux tools.  It can be extra rage inducing when the original stuff is still around but has no impact on what you are trying to change.

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