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Tricky a question, depending on what you are looking to do or the info you want.  If you are trying to debug and stability test a new build, I tend to run HyperPi to crush numbers and work memory.

As I have the Corsair hydro cooler, I also run the Corsair Link utility they have.  That one shows my RAM frequency RAS to CAS timings and other specific RAM details. Corsair LINK homepage.

One of the best all-around tools I use is CPUID's HWMonitor.  It gives really good component details and thermal information. HWMonitor homepage

I had a ton of issues running a higher RAM clock rate with this Corsair RAM so I decided to just keep it at stock timings.  I had weird reboot issues and micro-stutter in benchmarks when running the higher memory speeds.  TBH I would probably get a different make of DDR4 in the future.

Hopefully that helps.  Let me know if not.  I also run a large amount of Final Fantasy benchmarks for stability testing and performance monitoring.  You can run the Final XIV or the XV Benchmarks for that leg of it.  Also as a more detailed solution, you could run a Virtual Machine and run MemTest in that.  I've done that with VirtualBox for fun, but you can only memtest most but not all of your RAM, while in Windows.

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