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Switch dock warning firmware 5.0

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I've seen some mention on reddit but some of the posts are getting deleted... anyways I have seen issues myself on my switch.  I posted in a couple of the threads on there too.

Error 2162-002
(x2) 5.0.0

Lock ups of the system have happened to me a few times.  Removing the system from my dock, the bottom port smelled like warm electronics and I never noticed that before.

I also had what looked like dead pixels the other day and was flipping out.  They did go away after 30 minutes.  For the time being, I am plugging the system directly into the AC adapter and not leaving it on the dock idle, as I used to do before the firmware update.

I wanted to make a thread of warning, especially since I have seen the issues first hand.  Hopefully they find a fix for this, as the theory going around is that the check for updates and pre-release software is keeping the network connection active much more often.

P.S. I have Mario Odyssey and have played Balloon Mode, just in case that is a factor.  As I know that relies on online functionality.

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That is also the update that is reportedly causing 3rd party docks to brick Switches.  Nyko and Nintendo released quick patches, but as of a couple days ago issues still persist.

Game safe.

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So is this only with 3rd party docks?  I am using the one that came with seeing no issues, although only my kids use the switch, but I am sure I would have heard something.  

On an unrelated note; cannot wait for the Labo to come out and kids go apeshit over it.

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Stock Switch docks for me and the issues I have seen.  I do have a USB Network Adapter from Plugable I had been using, plugged into the dock.

I'm still leaning on the paranoid side and not leaving the system idle in the dock.  I do still play it with HDMI and Power hooked up so I can do so on my TV.

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I tried letting it sit in the dock after 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 and have not seen any issues.  I don't know good details on why it may have happened, but so far so good. :)  Thanks for adding to the feedback too. :bunny:

P.S. I have not used the USB Network Adapter on my dock since though.

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