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Video Channel and this Forum

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Starting off, whoops!  I accidentally set this forum to a category and as a result, it hid a bunch of older threads 😮  Just fixed that up today.

Also, I started a Youtube Channel to upload videos.  Mainly bug check video captures and some Benchmark videos.  Having a capture card now, I can put to video stuff, you would normally need to record on a video camera and it would be kind of shaky.  Now you can enjoy POST video captures and seeing benchmarks run at their native frame rates on some hardware.

Here is the FTB Video Channel.  It has a crazy long URL I cannot define until 100 subscribers.  So for now, just make a bookmark :bunny:

I am one of those people who does not really like people talking over videos, so I will explore adding subtitles to them instead.  Bonus points since that may make them more accessible in the long-run as well.  So far I only have some Tails videos covering boot issues with Nouveau laptops with dual video cards (Razer v5 1060 GTX laptop).

Enjoy a bunch of old threads about movies and TV as well, since that got fixed today.

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Uploading some benchmark videos but I'm in processing Hell.  So they will be up, whenever this progress bar decides to move, let alone finish.  Curse of the new account, I guess.
Or the processing page stopped responding but the video had been done. :lolabove:

I have some Razer Blade v5 (1060 GTX) model benchmarks along with some benchmarks from my desktop with a 1080 Ti in it.  Enjoy some indications of frame rate via video.  The Raw video .mp4 from the Elgato software were about 1GB per 7 minutes, if you wanted an idea of video storage per recording time.  Reminder that I'm using an Elgato HD60 S.  The USB model makes it nice for desktop or laptop recording use.

I forgot to mention, I made an effort to show my thermals in each benchmark.  The Razer Laptop gets toast and I mentioned under full GPU load, the fans get loud.

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