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Burn in on Samsung S8 screen

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Quick topic to share that I have a Samsung S8 and have an issue with icon burn in from my bottom deck of icons.  If you have any icons with white in their icon, I really suggest not putting them in the persistent icon bar.

Searching around, I found some people on the Samsung forums noting a similar issue.  I tried the whole 'flush your phone cache by pressing {Up Vol, Bixby then holding Power Button} on the Android menu but flushing cache made no change.  For grins, I'm trying the Cycle Red, Green and Blue with a program called OLED Tool to see if it allegedly resets the pixels, as is a rumor with AMOLED screens.

The specific icons that caused burn-in on my shortcut dock are Clock and Riot (chat messenger).  I moved all my icons off there for now but do not to appear having any residual pixels on the bottom of my screen for the Email, Messages or Camera icons.

Most apparent will the burn in be, when you are looking at a white page.  At first I thought it was some sort of desktop transparency thing, until I looked up the issue.  I made the thread for something to keep in mind, as this is the first phone I ever noticed this issue on.

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