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Round up to Fall


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I don't know about you, but it has been pretty damn warm around here lately.  In respect to Fall, Southern Tier: Pumking is out again.  I have bought a few 4 packs and enjoyed them rapidly.  The Mrs had a few but I kicked the last 4 pack solo in the night, last week.

Haha.  So yeah when not working, I have been playing a few games and flying a DJI Spark drone.  I have about 4 hours of flight time and am having fun dabbling with recording video, taking pictures, testing range and flight  maneuvers.  Game wise, I fly my drone like I'm playing Watchdogs 2.  Granted I have not strapped a Wifi Pinapple to it (yet).

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is awesome.  I love that game and I think I made that apparent in it's thread.  I also have about 9 hours into Octopath Traveler.  I got it a few weeks after it released but I am enjoying it so far.  Good story, each character has their quest line / initial meet sequence, the battle system is pretty good with it's accrued tactical points and well, I was impressed and liked it much more than I did the demo.

I heard Diablo III / Diablo 3 is coming to Switch.  I'm a sucker for portable dungeon crawling so count me in there.  Rumor has it you can play local multiplayer without an internet connection too.  If I come to your house to visit you, get a Switch lol we can slay some demons and shit.

Reminder I still have HouseOfPlus.com thanks to ImmortalBob scoring the domain back.  If anyone is playing games and wants to network it up, go nuts those forums are all you.  You are welcome to post here too, obviously if you have an account still but I know it's wild here :bunny;

I'm chilling for now but may have some more content going up soon.  Mostly random stuff I wish I saw around more.  I gotta finish this beer since the cat almost knocked it over.  We might get around to watching John Wick tonight.  Netflix horror movie selection, kind of sucks.

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Editors Note:  I am not sponsored by Southern Tier.  If I was I would proudly say so.  Pumking 4 packs are not cheap. hahaha. Those are treat brews.

I have a day job. I stand by not asking for subscriptions or plastering advertisements all over the place.  It's safe to say that will be a staple of FuntimeBliss for, um forever.  Obviously I plug myself and get some cool networking from sharing content online with people.  That's a fresh reward, so I don't need to push scamware or ads at you. :yar:

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Oh yes I forgot to mention the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 expansion / stand alone game coming out in the next month or two.  Torna the Golden Country is also included in the Season Pass content or will be available as a stand-alone prequel story.
I played main Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for over 100 hours and enjoyed it very much.  In respect to Switch Games, my top played list is like the below:

  • Breath of the Wild Zelda title.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2
  • Skyrim

Hyrule Warriors has quite a bit of time in it too, since it has a ton of unlockable content.  I liked Mario Odyssey very much but once you finish it there is not much to return for.  The very hard content is good, but it's also frustrating hard to complete.  Haha I'm kind of old so I would support scrub mode checkpoints instead of doing the whole beast run, clean.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is fun but I only played through as Funky Kong.  Loved the levels but I didn't need to beat myself up with the other characters.
Shantae Half Genie Hero is good but I think the DLC is a little basic considering it's the modified levels from the main game, more a less.  I enjoyed my initial play though.

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon is fun. I played it a bit on PC for some unlocks then replayed on Switch too.  Old school vania while options to be more forgiving yet still challenging.

I have Splatoon 2. I like the multiplayer as it can be rally intense.  I do not play very much online.  Getting an uncoordinated team is a deaathwish in public games.  You need to claim turf and seize area, not peen for max kills at your base.  The single player was pretty good and a little frustrating.  The gyro aiming controls are impressive for sure.  I got the Octo expansion bbut only put a few levels in so far, on it's more task objectives, instead of the level platforming like play of the main single player story mode.

ittle Dew 2+ is a fun game but as I am near the next to last dungeon, it gets hard.  Boss fights are very pattern heavy and they tend to do large amounts of damage.  I will go back to farm and finish it as some point.  I dream of a patch scaling back boss damage cause I am a scrub. 🙂

Bayonetta 1 and 2 were quite fun.  I played in easy mode as a lesson from littlejay from RFHQ.  Loved the crazy story, fights and content.  I ended up playing the 2nd game before 1.  I dug them both and got the 1 and 2 combo.  I had played some of it on Wii U but it stuck with me much better on a switch play.

I am going to replay Cosmic Star Heroine on Switch.  I played on PC but missed the extra levels that came in a post-release patch.  Also played in easy mode to enjoy the story and stand a chance on the advanced boss fights.

I played Cave Story for the 1st time on Switch.  It was awesome.  Good play and lots of story options.

As my list noted with the top 4 games, I put like 100 hours into each of them easily.  Full disclaimer: as a big Nintendo game and system fan, i think they have an absolutely awful policy shutting down competitors, rom sites and all sorts of other bat shit crazy 'brand protections'. The fan project attacks are the worst and the rom stuff is especially dumb since if I could get it on a current system and or not have to buy it again for x'th time, the rom is more a memento than playing it easily on some current hardware, using my TV instead of a desktop pc, etc.
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