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This post is coming to you from a mobile hotspot as I wait out traffic to ease up.  I am guessing everyone is rolling out for their Labor Day (Labour Day for you Canadians) Monday Holiday.

Hmm.  Normally I guess one should not bait upcoming topics but in this case, I figure I will be more likely to write them up if I do so.  I want to throw together a headphone quazi-review thread.  It will cover various brands and types of headphones, be them wireless, wired, earbuds or over the ear style.
I also recently put a little time into continuing the VM Lab project by teaching myself to read Wireshark pCaps (Packet Captures) better.  I'm going to skip to the cut here.  Doing short captures and defined tasks heaps greatly.  As I mentioned, doing this in a VM lab also helps cut out extra cross chatter you would see in a live production environment.  The fun part I got into was running pCaps for MSSQL connections between a client machine and server on a domain, running SQL Server 2016 express.  Funny part being, I could see the Databases and Tables being accessed in the pCaps.  Table results were obfuscated from being displayed in clear text but let me tell you... this will make working on migrations very beneficial since I can jump into seeing what is connecting where, along with the Databases and Tables being invoked.

I imagine there are plenty of potential settings to prevent the tables and database names from being read raw in packet captures.  Let's be real here though, you will see plenty of default rolled configurations in the wild.  Security hardening tends to be either a bucket list item, or something that gets turned on, once there is a direct cause and effect to have someone look into enabling extra protections against sniffing out data over the network, semi-in the clear.  We can look to our pal SMB1 for an example of that in the Windows Server World.

Snark aside, I have been chilling.  Working, driving, sleeping and getting that life on in-between.  It has locally been in the 90 F range with temperatures that feel 100+ F.  Needless to say I am especially ready to welcome the Fall temperatures.

Keep tinkering, asking questions and checking shit out.  Be sure to take a break and appreciate yourself and those around you too.  I try not to be too grumpy but that does not always work out that way. :p

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