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Starlink: Battle for Atlas

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I picked this up for Nintendo Switch this weekend.  I got the physical edition with the Star Fox toys.

Despite some hate the game gets, it is pretty fun and also looks quite nice.  Do be warned it is mainly a toys to life game, so you can buy IRL ships, pilots and weapon toys, or go all digital and save some money.

Common reference points are to No Mans Sky, but with story dialog instead of just exploration and minimal objectives.  Fair disclaimer: I am only on the second world.  I played a few hours and 100% explored the world 1 map.

Extra ships do not appear unlockable from story, but are tied to the toy or digital dlc.  Weapons may be the same case, but weapon power ups are found in-game.  You can get some nice weapon power ups if you register to the Ubisoft Club site and use the gold coins you get from in-game objectives.  I had plenty for the items from other Ubisoft games I have played.

I may get to try out co-op as well soon.  When I do, I will share details on that too.

FYI. To use your second ship, remove the right joycon and it will put you into Digital mode, instead of Physical and you can fly other ships.

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Cost to content wise, the Digital versions give you the most content.  You will need 12.7 GB or so on your SD card though.

$ 60 version gets you 5x ships and other items, where as the $ 80 digital version gets you all the content.

Physically, each ship is $ 25.  You get a single weapon and a pilot with the ship.  Weapon items come in a 2 pack and cost $ 10.  Pilots are $ 8 each.

If you start with the physical game, there is a DLC pack 1 that looks to be $ 60.  this gets you all the ships, pilots and weapons.  The physical edition is $ 75, so add another $60 for the DLC pack to bring you to $ 135 for all the content and the Star Fox toys to go with the controller ship adapter.

Or you can get all the content digitally for $80.  Even the $ 60 digital version gets you 5x ships, where as you get 2 with the Switch version or 1 with the Xbox / Playstation versions.

Digital content can be bought individually, but each ship is about $13.  So roughtly half the price as the physical items.

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I explored a second world, bought the DLC compilation pack and am enjoying the exploration and story narrative.
That being said, if you do not want the physical toy items, save some money and get the $60 digital version with most everything included, or the $80 digital version with all the pilots, weapons and ships.

This is a pretty chill game.  It's fun to play in bed or whatever.  I'm going to play in tablet mode over break here in a little bit, since I tend to play docked off the TV.

There are 2 ships that are physical exclusive and sold at Gamestop and Target stores.  The Scramble ship is a repaint of the Pulse ship and the Cerberus is a repaint of the Lance ship.  I will test tonight if they actually are different ships in-game.  As that would make the total ships total be 8.
Star Fox Airwing, Scramble and the Cerberus are the 3 exclusive ships.  Star Fox being switch exclusive and the other 2 being retailer specific.

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