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Fallout 76

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I played the beta and wanted to share some of my experiences.  It was only a few hours worth but I came to a decision.  Canceled pre-order.

Not to be dramatic about it, but reasons I canceled a pre-order and release are:

  • Always online Fallout.  I got the feeling people were shooting at me as I explored the starting content and I was right.  Luckily you can sleep on a bed and not get killed by other actual players.
  • Food and Water mechanic.  So if I AFK, my character will need food and water and potentially die.
  • Recovering items from your corpse.
  • Building mechanics.
  • VATS completely changed.  Since always online, you cannot slow time and aim for parts.  VATS now works like an enhanced aim, but with really limited functional use.

While most of my reasons for disinterest are pretty popular in other games... I do not wanted a forced always online experience.  Co-op as an option would be great but I am hard-passing on a persistent online environment where I have to manage food, water and getting player killed.

Maybe if there is an offline option so I can enjoy the content and like actually pause, I would be interested.  I am not a huge fan of MMO like mechanics in a game I feel is built for single player.  Granted if I were playing an MMO, the PVP is established as a mechanic with some sort of consent, but if I were to AFK in a town playing something like a Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, I would not have to feed a food and drink bar to stay alive.  Survival mechanics as a game mechanic are not my speed.

Hopefully you enjoyed my opinion and moderate rant about Fallout 76.  Perhaps it helped you make some choices too.  I like to pause and take IRL breaks, walk the dog etc.

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