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Windows 10 patch cycles

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Here is a thread to share any notable changes or concerns with Windows 10 or recent server builds.  I start the thread with 10.0.17763.437 version of Windows 10.  Two things jump out upon installing patches:

  • “This app is no longer available.” message comes up about CPUID CPU-Z. I had version 1.80.0 installed.  Latest is version 1.88.0 and updating should have resolved that.
    Still, the app removal feature of Windows 10 seems to be quite old based off the 2015 date for the build listed in the WindowsClub link from Version 1511.
  • In my Taskbar applications, one of my pinned files said it was missing.  Browsing to the path opened the file fine.
    To resolve, I removed the existing pinned filename, then I just dragged the icon for the file down to the taskbar shortcut and had a 'Pin to AppName' option that applied when I let go of the mouse button.


For point of reference I wanted to confirm what recent updates installed on my PC.  We could do it via Add/Remove programs and view them by date but we out here trying to notate this, so let's run some PowerShell.



Running this will give similar formatted results.


Source        Description      HotFixID      InstalledBy          InstalledOn
------        -----------      --------      -----------          -----------              
COMPYX86      Update           KB4483452     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  4/13/2019 12:00:00 AM
COMPYX86      Update           KB4462930     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  4/13/2019 12:00:00 AM
COMPYX86      Security Update  KB4493478     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  4/13/2019 12:00:00 AM
COMPYX86      Security Update  KB4493510     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  4/13/2019 12:00:00 AM
COMPYX86      Security Update  KB4493509     NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM  4/13/2019 12:00:00 AM

Side note to add links for that Get-Hotfix syntax at SS64 and Microsoft Module Documentation.  There are some nice flags on there, especially for managing multiple machines.

Oh hey. My laptop installed the same 5x updates and also prompted me with a 'Welcome to the October Update' banner in Edge. Keep in mind I deliberately change my home machines to Semi-Annual Channel that means 'ready for widespread use in organizations' instead of the default Advanced Updates setting for Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted) that means updates are ready for 'most people', as that namely tends to mean Public Test Channel.

Perhaps one of those 5 updates invoked the compatibility check feature to run again but I will stop here for now, since that is a good jump off point.

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