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Fallin Up

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Whew it has been a minute since I pushed any new-like content.  Most stuff has been work or random projects as they come up.  For conversations sake, if you ever wanted to use dd for creating a disk image to then be restored and booted from, I can tell you that would work.  Just be sure to enable EFI boot in the VirtualBox VM settings (or your virtualizer (aka Hypervisor) of choice), otherwise you will probably get an error of Fatal: INT18: on booting in the VM.  I say this as I did a Windows 10 dd clone and booted it up in VirtualBox.
Disable transparency effects in Windows 10 once it boots or you will have funky display issues with some forms and start menu too.

Once again it is getting a little cooler.  Even considering it may be temporary, I'm always welcoming of the Fall season.  It was around 60 F / 15.56 C today and that is my Jam.  A few months ago you may have seen Wifey and I chilling at Circle City Con.  It was a fun event, but in the future, I doubt we would drive the 11-ish hours from the east coast.  Flying likely since the train routes seem all crazy to get to Indianapolis.

Other than that, I've been making efforts to do more event stuffs but my work schedule so far has me occasionally popping up at local events, but I still make 2600 First Fridays with a regularity.  It's nice to get out for some bullshitting and laughs.  Lords know my social skills can use the socialization too.

Nothing else too much going on for this little journal entry.  Still helping with ThugCrowd podcast and doing some more virtualization projects at home and work time too.   Speaking of such things, time to grind out the office things.

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