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Fresh up win10 Build 18362 proEd

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Been a spell since last fresh OS install.  You will find plenty of extra save files in %localappdata%. Save games and Oculus content especially, will tuck your save data into this folder.  Direct link for the environmental goes into your local path of



AppData is typically hidden in explorer views and command prompts.  Happily we can run a cmd with a dir /a to show all files.  Typing %localappdata% in explorer will also display the contents in AppData.  Some of these folders have os bound configurations and links to other drive paths.
For sane measure, select game or application specific content from these folders.  Mainly your Local subdirectory of AppData.  Most all of prior installed app and game items will be here, if not in your typical [yourUsername]\Documents path.

10.0.18362 Windows 10 fresh operating system installs will go very heavy in having you create an online account for machine login.  Pro version of Win10 has an 'I will join a domain' option so pick this and continue making your new user account.  Local machine will still create a username with no domain to authenticate with.  This is cool if you wish to not have your credentials for login on an internet cloud username.  Hard pass on that one.
Speaking of domains, if you login locally and your account is not restricted for local login without domain, your domain password last used will remain as the local authentication.  Pop onto your VPN at the office or bridge connection to said real domain, lock and unlock your workstation to update your AD (hopefully kerberos based) authentication to be synced.
Local machines off a domain will keep their last login,  until the next time they see a Domain Controller that does exist.  However since you tend to need logon to a local device away from AD network before you logon, the cached previous version of your password will work until you try to establish new connections.

Most of the time the password issues actually using a domain authenticated account, are not really clear from the error until you search for online common issues and causes.  Save you some sanity there, when connecting back to an actual domain from your local computer, old pass works until you try and go onto other network devices and components.  Skip Speaking of domains for being needed on a fresh install.  I wanted to dump more details on how normal domain overview, in context to just using a local account with no active domain to authenticate login for.

Sweet, you have an offline user account bound to your newly installed machine.  The Windows10 installer will blast you with privacy options.  Most all off disable sharing of resources to apps from the microsoft store and also your locally installed, traditional applications.  You may very well want to disable Windows Store updating as well.
While about turning off these privacy settings, you can also control this once the install wizard finishes from Settings.  Control Panel still has most all of the traditional OS configuration options you are used to.  However items like Cortana voice activation and web search by start menu can be controlled in the newer Settings area.  Pressing Winkey + X will display the right-click list from your start button.  If no mouse, arrow or shortcut underlined letters will work to open panels.

Make a note of microphone and video camera use will be disabled if you decline privacy to allow sharing of default recording preferences.  You can allow this for applications and moderate some to no Windows Apps from the store for these capabilities.  I have been burned trying to use a new external microphone with the microphone permission to deny all sharing.
It was quite sneaky and gave no clear indication of such when I tried to use it in OBS.

[+| Draft up:
Shortlist of common applications to be installed (can we silently and script deploy these?)
Install graphics nvidia or amd driver.  If using intel gpu you can leave in hands of os drivers.

Moderate recycle bin options
- Confirm before delete
- Disable save to recycle bin
What is the role of this install?
- All-in-One multimedia
- AV
- Browsing Web
- Editing
- Games
- Meme processing
- ???

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