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Xbox gang one

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Thanks to some dope people, I am now a member of the Xbox One club.


Been playing Borderlands 3 mostly.  I was kind of shocked that a small portion of my Xbox 360 purchases were available for download on Xbox One.  If anyone else cares, Culdcept Saga is NOT backwards compatible but I still have an Xbox 360 for that game.


Before you buy many games, you should really check out the Xbox Game Pass plans.  $9.99 a month for over 100 games to download.  Bump that to the Ultimate plan for $15.00 and you also get PC Game access along with included Xbox Live service.  There are a large amount of recent but not the newest games on the Game Pass service.  Pretty good value, imo.


Speaking of games, buying discs is funny.  They will install to the internal storage by default.  With a 500 GB model you will find space fill quickly since each game seems to average around 50 GB.


I have a non-Slim or X model, so no 4k gaming output for me.  If you want to spend $500 for this option, go for it.  Since I had friends hook me up with one of the earlier models, I am more than happy with the choice.


Now I have tough calls like, do I get Watch Dogs 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 on PC or console.  Considering I have a 1080 TI and play on controller for most major pc games... this will be a tough call.


Since my last XBL session was around 2011, I also noted the Xbox interface for friends and joining games has heavily increased.  Good times so far.  Same gamertag I had before, so if you see me online, you now have backstory.

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