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Joycon drift on Nintendo Switch

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I wanted to make a thread for Joy-Con drift issues on Switch gamepads.  I have 3 pairs of Joy-Cons and 2 of the left controllers have heavy and significant drift issues.

You can confirm joystick drift on your Switch too.  I called Nintendo for support on the first pair and they showed me the diagnostic options.
Go To Settings
* Controllers and Sensors (near the bottom of list)
* Calibrate Control Sticks

You will be asked to press down on the stick you want to calibrate / test.  Rotate the stick and if you have drift, you will see the cross icon move from center, without you moving anything.

If you call Nintendo support, you would need to send them in for repair.  The repair cost was $35 if I recall correctly, not including your cost to ship them in.  So in that case, it's about the same price to buy a new one... or you can repair your own for about $20 in parts.  The ifixit link has parts and also the guide to replacing the analog stick.
I have 2 left sticks with drift.  All 3 of my right Joy-Cons are working without drift from what I have seen.  Telltale symptoms of drift, are when playing a game, my character would veer to the left without my pressing on the control stick or moving it.

When I called Nintendo Support, I believe the warranty for controllers is 90 days. (Ahh, yes it is here in the States for Accessories Warranty).  Console has a 1 year warranty that applies to the original Joy-Cons that come with the system are also covered for one year.  I know there was online chatter about 'free' replacements of Joy-Cons but when I called earlier in November 2019 or so, paying to replace was my only option.
Just for conversation's sake, the Switch Pro Controller does not seem to have this hat issue at all.

I wanted to make a thread on this and my experiences.  I am thinking about ordering some replacement sticks and installing those.  Granted I am not a fan of the tiny ribbon cables but I do already have a Switch repair kit with all of the screwdriver bits and plastic tools.



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Good news.  I ordered replacement control sticks from iFixit.  The replacement process went well.  A personal tweak to the linked guide, is to put the new Joystick cable into the ZIF connector, before screwing in the mounts.  This way, the tight cable will be easier to insert.


As the guide comments say, I decided to leave the battery connector installed.  I popped the battery out of the case and moved it to the side.


Powered up my switch and calibrated the new joystick.  Bam! no more drift.

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