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Final Fantasy VII Remake

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I picked up the Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4 and wrapped this up around 44 hours of playtime.  For conversation's sake I only played the original Final Fantasy VII back in 2013.  Let us note this new remake is different from the original game and that this game installment covers Midgar.

Not to get overly detailed or spoilerish, but this is a different title than the original.  I was a little concerned when I started hearing about the remake, since I thought it would just re-tell the original but in a multi-game format.  Also I have heard some friends describe this similar to Kingdom Hearts, but I never played any of those games.

I had a good time playing this.  The combat system is similar to Final Fantasy XIII with it's ATB system.  One thing that took me longer to figure out than it should have, was that you can set your Party Leader in the settings menu.  This will default your control to that party member in battles.  This will make learning weapon skills and leveling weapons, much easier.  Once you master a weapon by using the weapon skills associated to it, you can use those weapon skills with any weapon on that character.

I played this on a PS4 Pro with a Western Digital 1TB SSD installed, as I replaced the standard 5400 RPM SATA Drive.  Luckily, the PS4 makes replacing drives easy, like it was on the PS3.  They even actually have a guide for it on the Sony site for replacing the drive.

I did a little bit of post-game content too, but I doubt I'm going for 100% clear.  It was a good time and I will check out the next installment.  Granted by then, it will probably be a PS5 title.
I attached my save game details too.


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