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    PiRaspPi-Hole config quide: Howdy and welcome to another thread. I have a history of not being a fan of advertisements and do not run those banners on this site. Besides a security concern, I think advertisement gets really creepy online. Pi-Hole is an Operating System with dns capabilties and use of adblocking lists. The added benefit of the request being denied even without plugin-based web browsing, is pretty handy. Before you install, be sure if you are using a RaspberryPi or whatever device, that your user password is one of your own. You do not want to go default with your LAN traffic. If you wanna log a fun time, you can use one of these for short-term logging a little CTF monitoring style. Logs are configured to purge after a few days on your standard Pi-Hole install. Please be sure to update your OS image with latest patches via said package manager. In my case I set the primary network connection to a static address. I have the service connection IP address details to use the actual router as DNS server. Since all your other network DNS will be set to the fixed IP Address you bound to your Pi-Hole installed device. SSH is likely disabled. I like to administer my SSH session by serial to usb in the case of my Raspberry Pi installs. Follow the install guide and advisory on their site about the bash | pipe install. Quick comes at a trade off when you do not review the install process part for part. If you go for the easy install and read the disclaimer, you can run the single line install: curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash This thread is for administering and keeping yours updated, as with my configuration I ran into update issues using just the one connection. Details ahead cover enabling a second connection to fetch updates, since you will have the primary network connection with a set IP address that handles DNS requests handed off from your router / main DNS device on your network. To do updates to the OS and Pi-Hole local web services device / OS, I disable the service network connection to resolve conflicts of web requests to get out locally. All the LAN clients will be fine getting pages. In this case, I suspect the localhost calls in the Pi-Hole logs relate to my network layout and the device being bound to serve back to itself. When logged into the [deviceIP]/admin configuration page I would also get failures to resolve list update servers. Having plugged in a second USB NIC or using Wireless as an update connection, I ran the following commands to handle my network adapters. Turning off the static address service NIC. In most cases likely eth0 as shown below sudo ifconfig eth0 down Do some pings and the like to see they should now resolve. Do your updates etc for the OS. In my case, Raspbian on a Pi 3. Once those finish, load up the Web Admin panel for your Pi-hole install. Get your ip address for the active network connection with: ifconfig Connect to that IP address in a web browser and add '/admin' into the address bar at the end of the IP Address without the quotes around the path. Login with your admin password to the admin panel and you should now be able to see updates are pending. You need to start with the FTL update. To do this, return to your SSH session. As I mentioned I am working with serial over USB, but you can enable SSH over network if you so desire. One more service for a network heavy component, so choose of your own accord in concern to security to conveinence. On that SSH console, run: pihole -up Wait for the updater to get and deploy the new FTL version. You will likely also be treated to the Web Interface and Pi-Hole version also being to current revisions. Great! Almost updated and running live AdBlocking again. Still on your console, seeing the update completed you want to turn back on the main network connection we disabled for updating. [console]sudo ifconfig eth0 up[/console] Overviewing network setup above: Main Internet router will be your DNS server on the Pi-Hole device. Manually set client DNS or change your DHCP server to set client DNS to the static address of your Pi-Hole install. ( default-ish router) Check your current IP config to get details if you do not know current network base configuration. On the Pi-Hole install, set the primary network adapter to an address in that subnet (say Make sure DHCP server /or/ router will not also try to assign that address in it's pool. The Pi-Hole DNS primary will be set to your local router (as above default-ish router I hope to have avoided huge gaps or inflected confusion in this thread. Jolly adblocking. Even if you like making money from it, you have to know it is a vulnerable vector and kind of a shaky market. I'm not here to tell you what to do, I'm sharing details to help block them on places that run them without respect to visitors.
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  4. Nintendo Switch

    I know that is quite a set of text, especially without images to break it out. I may throw some pics in there for portions that may not be clear. Speaking of questions, there are 2 types of Joy-Con grips. The included one with the console does not have charging support and to charge them, you have to dock them to the Switch display. You can get another one of the Non-charging controller casings for ~ $10. There is also a charger model of the Joy-Con grip that costs $30 and looks exactly the same, with the exception of a USB Type-C connector on the top. Let me refactor the math for an extra pair of Joy-Cons and the charging dock. 80 + 30 = $110. Depending on the game controller support, it may be better cost and play wise, to get one of the Switch Pro Controllers for $70. Keep in mind there is a depth sensor (IR / Infrared) on the right Joy-Con but I think very few games use it currently. I am replaying Zelda BotW currently and luckily a good share of it is still in my memory. I was able to play at the bus stop on an overcast day with zero issues. I am curious on the brightness in direct sunlight, but let's be real, how often does anyone play in direct sunlight? :p I do have to say the console weight is nice. I want to say it seems lighter than a 3ds, but that may just be due to it being a little wider and less thick. I grabbed one of the Nintendo licensed PDP cases that holds the system well and offers good protection. Mobile friendly console for sure. Using a line to link to the Nintendo Switch Specs on their site. I forgot to mention, this console comes with no manual. You get s a safety warning guide and you are own your own. Kind of wild how documentation fell to the wayside so quickly over the last few years. I have some Type-C network and video adapters I am going to try out tonight. Mostly for curiosity of what works without the dock. Bringing that along certainly adds some heft to the mobile setup, if you want to hook to a monitor instead of playing on the console screen. I suspect the video adapters will not work, based on what I have seen about the charger voltage and prior experience with cell phone tv out cables and their need for a charger. I will update yay or nay on that testing. Edit: USB Type-C NIC works in switch directly. I have a Plugable Gigabit Type-C USB NIC that works directly plugged into a Switch. No charging required for a wired connection direct to the system without using the dock. Display cables without a powered connection do not look to work directly into the Type-C connection on the Switch display.
  5. Nintendo Switch

    It tends to be a matter of time before I checkout Nintendo consoles and my time came this weekend for a Nintendo Switch. These things are still fairily rare to find in stock but I scooped on up @ a local shop that restocked a few days prior. 8 consoles moved in less than a week and when I got mine someone also bought the last one in stock. This console retails for $300 before tax, presuming you can find one in stock. Amazon has a bunch on hiked up prices. The switch is essentially a hybrid of the Wii U with a little inspiration from the 3DS as well. Your games are cartridges that insert into the switch tablet. You can play on the go or on your TV, by docking the switch display. The Switch tablet has a USB Type-C connector on the bottom that it plugs into the dock with or can be charged with a USB cable. Of note on the USB charging that it is a high-power power supply that comes with the Switch. I say this because I was charging with my Samsung S8 High-speed charger and C-cable last night but the tablet power was still going down despite being plugged in... similar to how older phones would drain faster than they could charge, when using HDMI output cables with in-line power. Recap here being, if you want to play with the device in tablet mode, you will want to plug in the charger that came with it, or buy another one of the Nintendo official ones, for the correct output to properly charge it while you are playing. Battery life looks to be approximately 3 hours or so on maximum brightness. I was playing Zelda: BotW last night in bed for this rough test and this is also when I discovered the lower charging from other USB Type-C chargers. Speaking of charging, the USB C port is on the bottom of the console. So I would suggest the Hori standing case if you plan to play on the go, if you want the ability to charge from an external battery pack. If you opt to buy a 2nd Charger for the Switch, they go for $30. The power supply specs of the officially licensed power supply are: Output: 5.0 V - 1.5 A 15.0 V - 2.6 A Accessories for the Switch are pretty costly. The included gear will work great for 1 person, or 2 people playing Mario Kart, but some games require a 2nd pair of JoyCon controllers. A Pair of JoyCons go for $80 and the play and a 2nd charge controller mount that comes with the console goes for $15. So you are looking at $95 for a 2ns JoyCon gamepad. You can also get a Pro controller for $70. It's like the Pro controller for the Wii U that shares form-factor with a Playstation or Xbox gamepad. Player 2 can put you out a little more money than you may have expected. In defense of the JoyCon pads, they are impressive and slim profile, while also having gyro capabilities. All of the controllers also have rumble support (that can be turned off as well). Controller rundown, is that you can slide the JoyCon controllers directly to the Switch console / display and play like that. You can also use the JoyCons (A pair, one Left, one Right controller) kind of like wands (labeled Grips in the console system settings), or you can insert them into the Play and Charge housing, that makes it like a mini-gamepad. There are slide-on wrist strap and side-button extensions you can use when playing in what I call, Wand mode. Wand mode is extra-handy for playing Breath of the Wild, as you can use the gyros in them to aim your bow. Having played some VR, this is a nice feature that is comparable to control in a VR game, but with the Switch when playing off a standard screen or the console display. The Switch console has a slot for the game cartridges on the top-right as I mentioned. There is also a Micro-SD slot under the stand up arm on the read of the display. The JoyCons slide into the sides of the console display. Be sure to match up the + and - signs when using the JoyCons, else they may get stuck in place. There is a small button on the back that works as a release. Also there is a locking mechanism by the wrist-strap portion of the JoyCons when you install them. Push them in to lock it on the rails. The power button is along the top-left and volume controls are next to the power button. You can hold the home button for a few seconds to get a brightness and volume control overlay. The Switch also supports quick-suspend power, so you can put it to sleep until you get a chance to charge it back up. It is similar to hibernate on your laptop but it works faster and seemingly more cleanly. When the console is docked, you have access to 3x USB ports (non-Type-C), a HDMI Port and the AC adapter input for a Type-C charger. If you still have the DaTel USB NIC from the Original Wii, that will natively work with your Switch when it's docked if you want to run a wired connection. Miiverse is a robust gaming community run by Nintendo and filled with gamer-contributed content on the Wii U. Sadly, this is not on the Switch (yet) and the current Wii U Miiverse shuts down this November 7th 2017. I am speculating but suspect the Switch Miiverse will be online somewhere around the Winter or early 2018. Currently there is a News section of the console with game info and video content about upcoming and current releases. At the time of writing, there are about 133 items on the Nintendo eShop for the Switch. There is also a local Album where you can view your screenshots saved (from the dedicated screencap button on the left joycon). Software selection included with the console, is honestly currently lackluster. You really should pickup a game when you buy one, unless you intend to download something from the store. You do still have access to Mii editor from the System Settings screen. You can make multiple users and also import Miis from your Wii U or 3DS, by using an Amiibo between the consoles. I was able to copy over some Wii characters I got off the internet, when I was using Bluetooth hacks to import Web characters into my original Wii controllers, that were on my Wii U most recently. I'm enjoying the console so far and even started another play of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on here. The extra graphics in details like the water, grass and draw distance are nice on the Switch. I would not say necessarily to get a Switch for playing Zelda if you already have a Wii U, but the native controls are nicer than trying to do similar things with the Wii U pad, as you are implied to with the Switch tablet. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is crisp and also includes all the DLC for the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8. I am looking to check out that RTS Mario and Rabbids game soon too but that will wait for another payday. I wanted to mention a range of observations about the console so far. For point of reference I am on System Firmware 3.0.2. I'm looking forward to extra software to come for the device, as there are currently no Netflix or applications like that yet on the eShop. The new Mario Odyssey game is also due out around the end of October and there are a few other games coming for the Holiday Season. Skyrim and Doom on the go may be of special interest to folks too. I look forward to bringing mine various places and jamming out some play. I'm actually about to get some rounds of Mario Kart in now.
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  7. Oculus Rift VR

    I just received my prescription WIDMOvr lenses last night and have been playing every other night on average. The glasses insert is excellent. Great quality lenses that match my glasses prescription, the frame insert fits well into the stock Rift face guard and the elastic for the rift cover also helps keep the lenses in place. There is room between the rift lenses and the inserted prescription so you do not have to worry about scratching. I tried using the rift with my normal glasses but did not go that route because of tight removal and scratch threat. I can still see but my clarity is better with my prescription, for point of reference. I also picked up a 3 ft usb and hdmi extension cables. The HDMi cable is an Insignia brand extension from a local BestBuy, that I found in the television section. I went with an Amazon basics 3 foot usb3 extension as many people referenced it for working well. I had some issues getting audio to play consistently over the extensions on my desktop, but then I added an Inateck Superspeed 4 Ports PCI-E to USB 3.0 Expansion Card as I saw some Oculus folks on reddit talk about the sensors and headset eating up much of the USB bus bandwidth. I do have to say, my extension issue went away installing this card and putting 2 of my 3 sensors on it, with the Rift HMD hooked to the USB on my motherboard. Besides hardware I have been playing some games. Also a fun program is Bigscreen. It's comparable to Desktop mode when running Steam but I think it has better touch button binds. I find it very nice for interacting with my desktop windows, while still in VR. Right-click, Left-click, mouse cursor and scrolling are all done on either hand. You can hat-press to remove the login screen when you load the program up. Face Your Fears is a free program that has 2 doors to cinematic experiences. The city door is pretty intense, while the haunted house door... is pretty damn freaky. I was suggested to check this out by a friend and we were both scared af by the haunted house. Lol, you might not want to let kids try this one, because it's damn creepy or I'm just a pansy. :p Sitting or standing experience, granted you are really just spectating and adjusting your head to view the area you are in. Batman Arkham VR gets review beef for being a short experience, but take note is is also a great one. The quality of graphics, tools and interaction is top notch. If you want to see a viable peek into what a full VR game done with high production value looks like, this is one to buy. It has replay content for re-doing the story and I was well embracing the story it presented and some of the easter egg content. It's $20 but looking at the extent of the content, I feel it is worth the asking price. If you enjoyed previous RockSteady Batman titles, this will show you the new shit coming down the pipes. This supports sitting and standing play, but lends better to standing play. Technolust: Extended Format is a game you can blast through but you will certainly miss most of the relevant story and not have explored the world or options. I got 20+ hours out of this easily. It has mini-games too, but the interactions and narrative that go with the in-world are what are to be best enjoyed. This is an older game (haha so that means 2016 in VR terms) that has touch support added. Most of your aiming is actually done with your head instead of the gamepad / touch controllers. I'm on board with any more content released by this team. Easily one of my best purchases. Works well for sitting or standing exploration. Windlands is something I saw mentioned as a game to try. It also has a 'Buy it on steam and you will get an Oculus key' feature through their website. I want to pause and say between the 2 stores, if you have an oculus, play the Oculus store version. The controller config is more likely to be optimized for that platform, as is the case with Wildlands on Steam being configured for a Vive and the Oculus Home version being configured for touch. There is an option for some games on Steam to 'launch in home mode', but this is not the current standard. Back to this game, it is an exploration via grappling hook traversal. The areas are well done to have you figure out what route currently looks viable and how you are going to use your grappling hooks and jumping to obtain the objects on the world map. Very solid and good looking game. Plenty of control options between sitting and standing play. Nature Treks VR is a collection of area environments. Woods, underwater and other outdoor areas. This experience is pretty demanding on your computer, since it renders the entire stage area and surrounding creatures. Looks very cool to relax in and explore. You can use locomotion or teleport transportation. You can plant extra trees and stuff too. Serious Sam: The Last Hope is a stationary shooter. If you played the other games, the enemies and stages will look familiar. Main take-away being you stay in place and shoot away hordes of monsters until you get to the world boss fight. Rez: Infinite is a VR shooter with music note and scoring to your attacks. It's a fairly short adventure but it's done well and has some extra modes as well. The presentation and levels to boss fights are done well. $20 for this game. Both standing and sitting supported, as you move by controller and look by head rotation. Mountain Goat Mountain is a free game that is simple but fun. Kind of like a Q-bert game to traverse the map, eat food and score coins. I'm looking forward to jumping into some more VR stuff this weekend. I played a little more Preta: Vendetta Rising after they dropped the price and removed some of the RMT content. I am currently on mission 5 on chapter 1 but I'm not riveted by it so far. I picked up a puzzle game called Dimensional for $5. One can only play so many gun shooters, both regular and VR wise. I am also going to try out Karnage Chronicles this weekend. It sounds like an impressive hack-n-slash game. I grabbed it on Steam, since it's not yet on the Oculus store. checking the steam forums, it should detect and work with the oculus fine / find the controllers as touch instead of the vive wands.
  8. I want this to be short, yet more detailed than a tweet or lost in a string of them. I have to say there is an issue with contributing to a public project, that is when you are eternally expected to maintain said thing. Especially with no compensation or expectation of support timeline. I know that can sound rude, but the context I am especially honing in on, is stuff like game mods or application support by a person or community, that the OEM / vendor ignored. There comes a point when if you want to improve something or add features to it, you need to roll up your sleeves and figure it out yourself, instead of ranting on reddit for someone who did a kind deed of the original contribution, to somehow become the permanent dev to your whim. This applies to games as well, because it seems like smaller developers get bombarded with this syndrome, while a major game studio just gets a shrug and 'oh that's the best we will get from them' replies from the same people making outlandish demands from the smaller developers and studios. Sharing another story, I know a person who wrote a Gamefaqs guide and still had people emailing for intricate details about a thing, 9 years later. I'm sorry (but not really sorry), people probably moved onto other projects, especially in that span of time. It seems like if you give a huge effort, you are presumed to own it forever. Don't get me wrong, kind people do pick up the torch on projects and move forward, but the issue of insane expectations is a real thing. If you can ask the question and understand the basic of how something works, if you apply some effort into research and working out the problem, you can likely contribute, if not completely solve the issue itself. I feel many people get burnt out trying to contribute to communities for reasons like this. Throwing in a video game trope; when I played Final Fantasy XI heavily, many of the newer members always showed up for the leet boss fights, but were never to be seen or magically went afk, when the core team was farming triggers (items required to actually fight the leet bosses), because the trigger part takes time and does not directly lead to an immediate reward. That ends my rant. Please be courteous of people who produce content and products to help others. Donate them some loot for good work, if you want to help debugging and giving feature requests, do not write snarky comments about how dumb they are for omitting your favorite feature. Especially because it may already be there, you just didn't see it or it has another name for that flag option. I don't know about you, but working a day job, upkeeping around the home, finding time to spend with friends and family, getting some recreational and sleep, can be a struggle. Especially when day job requires after-hours maintenance. Please be cool to others. If someone is releasing a tool or something cool, remember they are people too, or at least some sort of advanced AI that probably has some feeling registers too. Let's try to avoid pushing people to burn out faster. It's hard enough to avoid without the crowd heckling that can be this social media age. Thanks for reading and visiting :)
  9. Drives

    This old thread bump for cipher /w:[driveLetter]. I wrote in more fragments but the theme to continue a wipe with a multi-pass wipe, as a baseline to clear prior data is a good method for an entire drive to write-over all previous data. drive letter you should full path to, and you will see a new caps, 8char folder spawned. Cipher will write 3-pass to the free space including USB devices. Syntax sample from windows 10 below. cipher /w:d:\ The multipass will write over unused space, so the current non-deleted files will remain. Review the help syntax for using /w to be sure you are not doing this to mounted remotely storage, else you may lose all existing data. Warning ymmv, always backup what is on the disk you are clearing free space from in the event to avoid data loss of critical content.
  10. VorpX and Non-native VR games

    Desktop mode is really nice, as I type this post on that now. Text is quite crisp. I also have my Supersampling at 1.5 on the presumption it applies to desktop mode as well. Fallout 4 is more steady with a 1080 Ti, but for longer play and without drops or rendered flip frames, I would not advise trying to play longer that a concept demo of 10 minutes. YMMV of course but that is my observation compared to native VR content. For any games you are trying to play in 3D / VR, all your other graphical options will remain the same, so you need to scale back all the candy quality features if you wish to try and land 45+ FPS steady. I have been sticking with native VR content, myself. Frame drop headaches are very real.
  11. Technolust save file

    I have been playing VR games and decided to take a plunge into Technolust. Some of the reviews were hit or miss, but if you actually explore around the game and appreciate all the options and content, you may enjoy it nearly as much as I have and continue to do. I wanted to start noting how much I enjoy it, as this is why I jumped into repairing a save issue I had. You can save in the game but I had an issue where each time I loaded the game back up, it looped me to the intro portion, instead of the MURC teleport menu you should see, after having saved your game. I shared some of this info on the Oculus forums and Steam once I got a fresh file to work with saving. Quoted below. In this case, I moved a copy of my stuck save file, as it was not working due to that 1st character of 'ý' in the save.txt. Using various text editors showed me varied results in the save.txt. ConText editor showed me mostly blank space and some of the item strings; Notepad seemed to show everything, but without formatting, and Notepad++ showed me a dump of each parameter and their set flags. Here are some screen caps from each editor showing the same file, along with the registry keys. ConText Editor Notepad (Windows standard text editor) Notepad++ Registry Keys Most all of this information is overkill, since I was only a couple of hours in. To resolve the save issue I copied the broken save file to another folder and deleted it from the save folder. Once the game made a new file, I was able to save without issue onward. I had fun checking the save file for stuff I missed but didn't successfully change any flags for stuff I did not find in-game. For conversations sake, the registry values match my arcade high scores. When my new save file was made, simply playing the games I won again, without beating my prior high score, toggled back to my high score, once I interacted with them on the fresh save. You can migrate your save.txt and registry info to another machine, as I did on my laptop to test that I got all the save data. If there is any take away from the thread, be sure to check files in multiple editors. I also messaged the gave dev to say thanks for a rad game. He noted that encrypting the save file seemed like it would have been contrary to the concept of the game. Thanks for not doing that, because it was also fun to splunk through the save data and see how it applied to in-game content I encountered. I'll recap the start of the thread by saying I really enjoy this game. Hell it was so good, I was concerned enough to figure out the intro looping issue. Hopefully you don't have the same issue, but if you do, it's relatively easy to fix.
  12. Red Faction

    Cool :) Checking Time and Date, it's 14 hours difference from my current 10am August 23rd on the east coast, as it's about midnight, just before the 24th for you. Making it a 14 hour difference. I'm part of the problem as I picked up a 1080 Ti instead of another console. What time do you find yourself playing games on the weekend, roughly?
  13. Red Faction

    Just a heads up also for anyone interested Red Faction Armageddon is free for Gold on xbox at the moment. Never played it but will give it a try now.
  14. Razer Blade 1060 GTX (Late 2016)

    My laptop continues to run admirably. Granted if I'm playing games, I tend to do so on my desktop. As I mentioned the 980 GTX was faster than the 1060 on the laptop and my current 1080 Ti is largely faster than the laptop's 1060 nvidia card. That is likely fairly obvious, but worth re-stating because I gave the laptop a few sessions in VR via an Oculus Rift. While the Razer Blade will run VR games, you may very well notice a little bit of jank and dropped frames. My benchmark of the weekend was Technolust. Getting to Chinatown you will see some frame drops wandering around the environment. In this case, I am running graphic options at default, without turning on any Super Sampling via the Oculus Tray Tool. As is the normal case when playing a game or working the graphics card, your fans will come on and generate a fairly large amount of extra noise. This is easy to ignore when using the Rift, due to headphones. I had a couple of times when the HMD didn't detect properly, but instead of rebooting (that will work too), you can put a USB extension on the headset and plug it into the left side USB ports. I consider the laptop a good option when doing some mobile VR configs, but I might justify dragging the desktop along for the extra performance and image quality boosts. I have not done a full mobile setup yet, short of between rooms at home. Considering the sensors, headset, controllers and such, you will have a good amount of stuff to drag around. Anyways, I wanted to drop an overview on using the Rift with this laptop. It will work, but the laptop will get hot and you will see some framerate drops. I suspect this is why most games suggest a 970 or higher tier graphics card. I also have ASW Mode set to: Auto in the Oculus Tray Tool utility.
  15. Red Faction

    Also, times have changed in Australia finally from my woeful 28.8k I had to compete with you guys on. Now have constant solid 100Mbps connection and new place that will be ready in 2 months will be 1Gpbs. Won't be the same without that 500 ping.
  16. Red Faction

    Man the boxes of physical games I have at the moment packed up is starting to get quite ridic, This game room for when ever it eventuates will be jammed. Even what I'm still allowed on display by the GF now is over flowing shelves I'll try get some pics shortly for a good laugh. Hopefully when I retire at I get a chance to play a quarter of them if my reaction times don't make it impossible by then lol. Didn't even think of steam, since I never used it outside HL2. But sure enough RF is on it after some quick checking. Might just grab off there for the $10 bucks and give it a whirl tomorrow and see how it plays. Hopefully if there's any servers active I'll try rocking the original tag and a bunch of the old clan tags and see if get any bites. Some good infos - http://steamcommunity.com/id/Eneokun/recommended/20530/
  17. Encrypt stuff guide

    This is a GUI recap of the original post covering making an encrypted volume over the command line. I'm adding this for easier sake of understanding and rolling out to less CLI-inclined folks to use. I like that using this method is a little easier to grasp what is going on through the drive encryption process. In this guide I'm using Tails 3.0 but you can do this with most any other linux distribution as well. I'm presuming you have a working Tails or other Live CD / USB device. The distro of your choice should have a guide available, if you hit any snags. A CD will be slower to boot but less fiddly to make and have boot properly. Booting up Tails, you want to click the Additional Settings button. Set an Administration Password, since you will need that to make changes to installed disks. Confirming your admin password it set, go ahead and click Start Tails. Let the OS boot up. Once it's up, click on the Applications menu on the top left. Under Utilities, open Disks. You should see all the disks installed in said system. These screencaps are from a Virtual Machine so the single partition 2GB is what will be encrypted. Click the Gear Icon to configure the drive. In this case I'm setting the Volume to Encrypted, compatible with Linux systems (LUKS + ext4). Set a name for the volume, then your encryption passphrase. If you ever want to re-mount and access the contents, you want to know what you set your passphrase to. NOTE: Erase existing data should be selected if you previously had data on the drive, as that will still be accessible if it has not been overwritten by your new files (old data will live in the unused space until overwritten). This will increase the time to format the drive but will overwrite the prior data. Suggested to Full erase on your physical drive(s), despite my not doing it for this VM guide. Click Format. Once it's finished you should see your encrypted volume with a vertical split. LUKS being the top layer and ext4 below it, when your passphrase is entered correctly and the volume is mounted. Go to Places, then Other Locations. You should see your newly configured encrypted volume, represented with an unlocked padlock icon. If you see a locked one, try to open the drive and it will ask for your passphrase, then unlock the drive and mount it. For security concerns, unmount the drive when not in use. If your machine gets compromised somehow and you left the encrypted drive mounted, the encryption is irrelevant since you essentially left the keys in the lock. I say this, depending on your concerns to someone gaining remote or local access to your machines and data. Jolly encrypting!
  18. Red Faction

    I still have RF CDs at home. Pick a good time for you and since you brought it up, we'll try to meet up with you for play. I have my Xbox GamerTag still but I'm on PC since I don't have either current gen consoles from MS or Sony. I think J0k and squad are on Xbox One. I'm still dreaming cross platform multiplayer will exist in our lifetimes, but with everyone dns sandboxing off their networks and multiplayer... it does not seem too likely. Hehe word on the future gamer room show. I joke with my GF about making a youtube channel and doing the annoying voice talkover shit. Granted I would do lets play, without solo talking because I feel that kills the point of watching the game. lol So, I should add some profile fields for Steam and stuff.
  19. Red Faction

    Sad times :( I grabbed the PS4 version no multi, and I don't remember the story being that short a play through either, I guess everything's harder when your 13. I have an xbox but think only have Croc? added on it from way back when. Not sure what other older crews gamertags are, most the gaming is done on PS4 since that's what the friends bought for each years CoD & FIFA... eagerly awaiting the one x later this year but hopefully become multiplat station of choice. I'll find my disc copy and boot up PC version to see if it still has any active community what so ever and report back :) Edit - Oh snap a big box copy of RF has finally appeared on ebay now to decide if I want to drop $50 on it for future gamer room show
  20. VorpX and Non-native VR games

    So I loaded GTA V up last night... Fallout 4 is cool but GTA is pretty damn amazing. Downside is the framerate on a 980 GTX hits like 25 FPS at recommended settings via the VorpX config tool. I look forward to trying this on a faster graphics card.
  21. This thread is very preliminary as I only have an hour or 2 of using VorpX. Starting this off, you can buy this addon software for $40 from VorpX website. Once you pay, you will run the installer and get a software key. Send an email by the form that comes up with your name and email address you paid with, and you will get the activation code to use the full software. VorpX will play games in a living room emulated screen couch enviroment, or by pressing 'Delete' in the supported games list, you can play Fallout 4 and other games in a 3D and VR presented environment. You will need to change your game configuration to have it be a playable experience and the #1 change to make is increasing the FOV (Field of Vision) for any game you are trying to play in stereoscopic 3D via VorpX. Search for config guides, however setting a FOV to 120 or higher is the most relevant setting you will want to apply. Playing Fallout 4 in my case was cool, but weird. Keep in mind you will see a performance hit, considering you are then rendering 2 screens (each eye @ 45 FPS) to your Rift (or HTC Hive). Playing was intense but the weird part was transparent objects around some objects. Disabling Ambient Occlusion can help smooth this out, but I have not fully done the re-tweak for the sake of VorpX in 3D. After playing maybe half an hour, my head felt a little weird. I am guessing the combination of moving in VR and doing the shooting is a large factor to that, in addition to some dropped frames, as I was playing the game @ 1080P with most all of the graphical ice improvements on. I dabbled with FFXIV in VR but this defaulted into the couch mode I mentioned. I have seen other posts mention the locomotion sickness concerns before but I didn't really experience this until I rolled Fallout 4 in VR. I'm going to try some more tweaks to see how it goes. The depth and head tilting is really wild though. It's fun to try but I am still tweaking to see if it's a viable means to play, short of a demo configuration. Reminder that I am currently playing on an Intel i7-7700k with a Nvidia 980 GTX (4 GB). If you are rocking a Ti or 1080 Ti you may fair better with all the fancy graphics options turned on. Crawl the supported games list for items to test. I'm pretty interested in Alan Wake in VR. I was playing with an Xbox One controller but the Touch controllers are supported and work as well. I played Fallouts on a gamepad, so it's hard to do otherwise, unless I'm sniping. I am playing with version 17.2.3. I also see the attached Game Settings Optimizer. I will play with this and sadly also lower my resolution from 1080p and see how that goes for me. Alt+f will show your FPS while playing. If you are seeing below 45 FPS, scale down your graphic options or you will get ill. This is what I was battling with Fallout 4 running @ 1080P.
  22. SMB levels and services

    Just bumping as a reminder that SMB 1 natively is enabled up to and including Server 2016 test builds. Running the below may shock you in seeing that EnableSMB1Protocol is by default, set to True. Get-SmbServerConfiguration | Select EnableSMB1Protocol, EnableSMB2Protocol On the Windows 2012 or greater machines, you don't have to reboot after the change, unlike the older server and workstation machines. To disable SMB1, do up the following, then re-run the check above to verify it's off. Set-SmbServerConfiguration -EnableSMB1Protocol $false
  23. SMB levels and services

    Especially over the last few months, the public face of SMBv1 and how it is quite vulnerable, has become a solid talking point. If you have poked around on some Windows Servers and also some Nix file servers, you may have noticed these legacy-era protocols still running. Even if you have a more recent Windows Server Deployment, they tend to have SMB 1 enabled by default. Oh Lordy. If you have done any nmap scans you may have also noticed there have been notifications about SMB1 for a loooong time. Lucky for us, I would like to think by disabling SMB1, all your existing systems would work. Please note the optimism, because that's all it is if you do not confirm things still work, after having turned off SMBv1 or for that matter, any service. Microsoft has a guide using powershell to manage these. Before you go wild, do make sure to note that SMB 2 and 3 are related and enable relevant network features too. If you still have XP devices connecting to servers (gods save you), you will lose communication when you turn off SMB v1. Another fine reason to finally push and accomplish getting rid of those things. I think cryptolockers scared non-security people enough this year, to give your pitch some viability. Looking at the PowerShell syntax, Windows 8 and Server 2012 have some really clean powershell cmdlets. On Windows 7, Server 2008, etc, you are essentially changing a registry key on the command line / by script. If you are rolling an Active Directory domain, you can push the SMB 1 disable out over group policy. Once again, pausing to make sure stuff works after you do this, and it would not hurt to test this in waves, as to not cause a huge problem in one fell swoop. You can also have fun diving into some PCAPs to get a feel for SMB levels in use. You can apply filters to weed out noise from your scan. Keep good notes. I don't know about you, but when I tell people I'm doing security maintenance, some folks like to come up with some fantasy stories of things they say worked prior. Typically stuff that never worked or something that way decommissioned months prior, not the week of your rollout. Jolly August. Fall is creeping up :)
  24. Oculus Rift VR

    Yeah I agree, they could prob push out another gen right now but the entry being already so high I do also tend to believe everyone is waiting for hardware to catch up a bit. Before rift put that $400 bundle sale on, they'd been seeing much lower sales #'s than they had been hoping for. Hopefully this summer sale ultimately pushes out the inventory they were hoping for originally and plays catch up. I did toy around with the dev tool that offers the super sampling, but I still would see the grid in-between from just the hardware itself. It did have some nice results in certain types of games though, where SSing the textures played to that art style. Certain games with simplier shading or basic textures with mostly just color shades didn't show much different to me. It was hit and miss. But that mixed with the games was ultimately the reason I put it back in the pond. I also ended up picking up a switch and I've been obsessed with BoTW and am happy to be playing some first party nintendo games with more coming in holiday season. I haven't had nintendo stuff since n64, so I'm LOOOOONGGGG overdue. But that's OT and for another thread. :)
  25. Red Faction

    I stopped paying for HQN hosting in the past year or so to save a few bucks a month. It made it a very long time but ultimately no longer served a use to me. I'd be interested if a date was planned. Without a set date, I doubt many will be able to commit. I still own my rfhq domain since it's only 4 letters. Gonna see if I can pimp out a 4 letter .com domain name someday soon. :)
  26. Red Faction

    I asked around for you a little bit. It's hard to find people for matches, granted I think most folks are on Xbox One. I really still would wish to see consoles, actually matchmake to same servers. Missed huge benefit to gaming ease. I waited to post so heads could see your personal inquiry. :)
  27. Oculus Rift VR

    Thanks for the feedback on your time with it. I wear glasses of 1.25 or so prescription so that may play a factor in my not being as bothered by the pixelation. I don't wear my glasses in VR. Glad to hear you were able to work a refund out too. I saw some people are bumping up the image quality using super sampling (via Oculus Tray Tool), similar to playing FFXI with better looking textures. A few of the VR games I played have some native graphic options, namely Chronos. Bumping up that IQ makes a huge difference, as the default in that is definitely a pixel show when you get close to your character. I forgot to mention you are right about the length of games for VR. Many of them seem to be a few hours. Hopefully the surge of headsets gets more content out there. I think a big part of the challenge will be quality to performance cost, as top-end video cards and most other PC components to go with the headset, will make the barrier of entry even higher. 2017-08-04 edit: I installed these sensor wall mounts in my play area and the floor and 360 coverage is MUCH better than when I had them on the included posts at desk height. The linked 3D print, I had to file the diameter wider for the IR camera to fit in, but other than that it works great. I used the double-sided tape mounts from 3M, as to not wreck the drywall in my apartment. Sensors are mounted roughly 6.5 ft from the floor, aiming downward. This helped full 360 rotation and ground coverage quite well. My crude diagram of camera placement is: _______________________ | <- 02 <- 01 | | | | | | | |<- Sensor 03 | _______________________ Sensor 01 is along the wall where my desk is in the corner. Sensor 02 is about 5 feet away from the corner sensor. Sensor 03 is about 10 feet from the back wall where 01 and 02 are installed and about 6 feet from sensor 2 to the corner of the adjoining wall. I have the front 2 sensors lightly at inward angles to the area I stand, with sensor 3 pointing, basically back to my monitor between sensor 01 and 02. This also passed my Rick and Morty floor grab test, vastly better than the prior desk height mounts.
  28. Oculus Rift VR

    What up peeps. To reply to your: "I'm guessing this is what people mean by 'screen door effect'?" This is actually the lower resolution being viewed so closely to your eyes. The actual small black gap between the pixels themselves. It was one of the bigger reasons I ended up returning my bundle (more on that below). When they start rocking higher pixel densities and 1440p or eventually 4k, etc. this screen door effect will be greatly reduced. So - I ended up getting the bundle around same time as pic0o. At first I ordered from oculus store itself, but then came to find out there was a giant back order due to their summer sale. They shoulda prepped better for that, because I and many others just went ahead and canceled the direct order from them, and then purchased for same price from Best Buy. I was definitely impressed with the general feeling of VR. It's true when pic0o and others say you can't really explain it without experiencing it. Seeing flat screen demos / youtube videos, etc. will never do it any justice. But at the end of the day, I was still bugged by the hardware limitations itself. It's like when you could see the pixels from the first iPhones and eventually they got to that crystal clear version where fonts were just totally crystal clear, vs seeing the aliasing and the screen door effect and the lower res, etc. So I will be waiting for the 2nd or 3rd generation before dipping back into VR land. I also think the games themselves have a long way to go for hardcore gamers: wanting to sink tons of time into em while really loving the game(s) over the VR tech itself. I bought all the bundle packs in the Oculus store - spent lots o' loot to get a taste of everything, and it just wasn't blowing me outta the water. Luckily, after explaining to Oculus support staff that I returned my hardware, they gave me a one-time return (they pointed out this was an exception and have no return policy). It was a good thing I had a single order with all 3 game bundles - nearing $200. So that worked out nicely. In closing -- I played with the system a LOT for a solid 10 days, then returned the rift hardware and software for basically a full refund on both sides. I'm happy I was able to get the full test drive and also jump out without sinking permanent coin. I'm still quite interested in the VR movement itself and it's future development, but I'll be sitting back for another generation or two. I think they mentioned wanting life-cycles to be between a phone and a gaming console, so we'll see how big each leap forward is. Lates!
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