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(*) Info & Use (*)

It's a simple and Jolly Land here. Please follow outlined forum guidelines, and do not use this site for Illicit purposes. Funtime Bliss and any one who helps on the site, have Zero desire to obtain or distribute any Undesirable Content.

This is a Disclaimer of Common Sense. Please do not post any incriminating personal information. This keeps both the Funtime and the Bliss in this site, as litigation drama and woes, surely do not bode well, and are thus Negated from being on this Site.

Also, a request we make here, is that upon finding any website security issue, please notify Administration and Cartel ASAP. We are mere mortals here, and we enjoy uptime and not being blacklisted, because of some 3rd party payload that may become embedded. Sadly, I cannot pay you for any services, since no one pays me to host the site, but respect can be earned without currency, Same for Pr0n.

Also of note, all feedback of products, services and the like is done independently, without corporate sponsorship or free product endorsement (IE no company one sends me free games to 'review'). I ask that folks sharing feedback keep experiences realistic, and any content found to be marketing garbage, will be edited, purged, or modified to explicitly state it's bullshit-factor.

Live Bliss, lookout for Falling Rocks. musictang.gif