Warm welcome

I just wanted to thank all the visitors of FTB. Especially the :ninjawub: crew.

Be sure to stagger your password use across sites, because in the security realm pretty much anywhere large has some member database floating it around. So it seems anyways.
Even those really old accounts. That only factors in the known user passwords obtained and reversed. Reading the continuation of the security era is intense and enjoyable, to see how deep it goes.

I recently moved and it is going well. Since I am unpacked, I am trying to relax more and enjoy exploration and more focused tinkering. I always have been a large hardware and how-to fan. Seasonal greetings, no matter what calendar you index time with. :yar:

Getting warm

Greetings and warm salutations, depending on your coordinates. Site news is a friendly reminder that I go back and edit posts with better information. This is contrary to the sociel network world, but I dare say forums are a better medium. There is the prospect of focused themes and topics without the lost dialog, in the 5 second conversation span of the instant networks.

Speaking of communication, Battlefield 4 is a game currently being played by a group of friends and folks whom are fans of casual shooting. You can be as pro as you like but the drama is yours alone. Welcome aboard if you wish. $50 USD currently gets you the game with all expansions and there is a trial 6 day mode. Be warned, that only lets you play on demo servers for multiplayer, so about 3 servers total for the trial game.

Posts have been light lately. I have been trying to learn new things and hope to share some things, I as more clearly grasp concepts and a better understanding, in mind to present it without being dry and too lacking, on precursory knowledge. I also have a SQL database guide floating around from a few years ago. Rambling on, I would say that a wider scope of computer systems, is relative to how you procure information with also focus to what your goals and mechanisms are for motivation and experimentation. Back to database, my toolset objectives are read/write based in respect to concepts to deliverables I am working on. Also math, haha.

It also happens to be 3.14 day of the year 2016. So now this post has a theme! Thank you for visiting FunTimeBliss. Be it by intent or coincidence.

Seasonal greetings

A summer season winds down, as the chill of fall has made it’s appearance in the mornings, before the sun kicks into mode. Also of the event nature is the Pope doing his east coast tour. Philadelphia planning, is withholding details on main line subway closures. I chuckle because I see ‘safety’ as a justification for poor planning, since the infrastructure is already pretty overburdened on daily events, let alone a giant religious event. Tomorrow starts the festivities and quite a bit of center city is already closed off, or has the barricades ready to install.

On the upside, in the madness of bad logistics, I have some extra days off for a long weekend. I should get a bike ride in before everything else starts up this week. Circling back to the weather, it is nice to not sweat profusely when enjoying a ride.

City life is busy, but goes well. After a year here, I feel I have adapted pretty well. Last night I made some rice in a new cooker I picked up. It makes chimes like ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. I chucked and about an hour later, enjoyed some rice. As usual, I am reading security news as it comes up. While reading articles, cutting through the fluff shock articles and the ones that detail valid exploit disclosure details, as to better protect against the practical vectors. Nerd life :)
I have been reading various books and working on my coding skills. I am taking my time, as to keep the concepts in my head in a workable manner.

Thanks for reading this journal-like entry. Granted that is nothing too new for this site. Be well, stay out of trouble, enjoy yourselves and never stop imagining what you can do.


Why hello. The forums may be down for a few minutes today, as I am changing them to default over HTTPS.

The site will now support SSL connections. So you can come here on Tor or whatever other network you wish, while still having some layer of obscurity.

Happy Browsing. :)


I am aware of the 1 only post on main page. May be cross feed issue. Lots of heat and time on the tinkering and nature time. Trying to skill new sub-skills to addon to my core ones :)
Merry existence. :ninjawub:

The feeds have been updated. Hopefully they stay showing more than 1 item.

Why no ads here?

The conversation has come up that I could gain some funds by running advertisements on the site. However I never liked the online advertising and how it works. You can add in the potential attack vector of Malvertising (malware in advertising) and see why I remain on that stance to not be on an advertising network.

Ad network exploit vector write-up.

This is also why advertisement and javascript plugins are a really good idea. If you have not done so before, install NoScript and see how many 3rd party domains are accessed when you go to your favorite websites.

Spring sometime soon

Howdy brave readers of Funtime Bliss. It is still pretty cold here in the Philadelphia region and of random note, they are also shooting a new Rocky movie here in the city. I caught a scene being filmed last night and they asked my GF and me to walk around the block. Person askng was really nice about it though.

In the world of current events, computer security has been going crazy lately finding huge core exploits in main infrastructures. Between the Hard Drives with hidden exploit kits, Lenovo machines shipping with SSH breaking (Superfish) malware, and the Barrett Brown sentencing that went from 108 years to 5. IT sector is kind of crazy.

Meanwhile, I still occasionally play games and am currently rocking Majora’s Mask 3D on the ‘New’ 3DS system. I have been dorking on Nintendo Systems heavily lately. I have some steam games on my rig I poke at too, but yes largely I have been on the Wii U and 3DS lately. Also in tech land, nVidia have not been winning hearts with the 970 series < 3.5 GB range of the RAM where it runs vastly slower on the last 512MB than the 3.5 GB of the 4GB cards. Also the disabling of overclocking on 9xx series laptop cards, has also pissed people off.

That is about all I can think of now. Thanks for visiting and reading. Between working, various projects and touring the city with my girlfriend, I have been a little busy in respect to content here @ FTB :)

Cold Time EST

Wander the streets until you find a nice stop. Enjoy the night too. Full Moon tomorrow / Maybe tonight, that’s what’s up. :bunny:

Rainy Day in the City

Merry November. It feels kind of wild that November is here and over half-way over, but alas this is the case. Rain and steam fill the city of Philadelphia. Steam is ducted on colder days to use as heating. It can be seen from some manholes and in the horizon of the sky.

Anyhow, I haven’t been up to much. Unpacking, watching some film & TV, playing some games. Speaking of games, I should have a WiiU review up in the next day or so. I picked one up and am giving feedback on what I have found and how I am digging it.

I will say from the standpoint of most standard games, playing Nintendo titles is refreshing. There is a better design of enjoyable gameplay and particularly local multiplayer with Nintendo versus Other console / major publishers. That is my main reason for going with a WiiU, instead of a PS4/Xbox One/New Video Card. Granted my 570 GTX is still holding up @ 1080p, pretty well.

Computer security news wise? Many businesses are getting leaked heavily. Personally, I believe that many companies and corporations ignore operational security, until after a breach. It is amazingly hard to convince people to invest in infrastructure (people or technology) until after there is an issue. There are signs of this bad practice improving, but still far too slow an adoption rate.

Happy Monday and may the rest of 2014 be kind and respectful to you all :)