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Wish my RMA luck!

I just got a RMA sent out for an Asus Z690-E Motherboard.  I dub this the Intel 12th Gen overheating saga.  Thread if looking to see me grumpy my way through some hardware.

I am on my previous 11th Gen Intel with my 3090 RTX and it does not hit thermal threshold or reboot.  Been playing some Diablo IV and Legend of Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom lightly, as most nights I watch the baby and go to bed, once work is done.  Tooling to stay up a spell tonight and continue into Act II of Diablo IV 😉

I was thinking about re-checking my 12th Gen thermal paste quick, as it still gets too hot on a new MSI motherboard with the 12th and 13th Gen CPU mounting block.  On my adventures in the thread, I learned the issue is more specific to Intel 12th Gen chips with the block replacement helping get a better seal between the cooler and processor.  I have been pretty busy and a bit tired to do that this week, as I got my Gundam 11th Gen Intel back and it serves well.  I will probably switch my M2 SSDs out from my 12th Gen to the 11th Gen, since I have been playing Diablo IV on a 512 GB M2 SSD, with my 3x 2TB SSDs still in the overheating when max loading 12th Gen.

Meanwhile I’ve been using remote desktop to login from the 11th Gen to the 12th Gen with my main drives.  Switching my drives out will be fairly quick and all my apps, email and stuff are on the big drives.  I’ll throw the 512 GB into the 12th Gen so I can do burn in tests and all that good stuff, while still being able to game and main on the working PC.

I sure typed 11th and 12th far more than I anticipated.  I also just made a pizza that I pulled out of the oven.

It has been a few since I made a site news based topic and I thank you for reading it.

Lately I am on Windows 11 Professional and it works well.  I do the day job as a Senior Consultant yelling at computers, largely in the DevOps space.  It can be maddening since it seems everyone expects you to know everything, but as you work and learn, at least in my opinion – anyone who professes to know ‘everything’ likely knows next to nothing.  Tons of abstractions, new tooling and all that stuff when messing with the various clouds, tools and clients.  I try to keep the glue in my head functional so I can afford to take care of the family and facilitate my gadget tinkering at home building hardware.

I have a 26″ bike that is essentially a large BMX.  It’s nice to get out occasionally but once again, time and obligations get in the way sometimes.  It is about 10pm now and the baby is still awake.  That wraps up this post as I try to guide him to sleep with the potential effort of playing some games into the night, as I have him nap the nite away with his Mommy.
Oh yeah, I have timers set to get laundry out of the timer and dry the next batch, so that gives me a midnight-ish to 1am window to be awake, potentially.

We shall see how that lines up. :ahoy: Might pass out before that and put the other batch to dry in the morning.