Seasonal greetings

A summer season winds down, as the chill of fall has made it’s appearance in the mornings, before the sun kicks into mode. Also of the event nature is the Pope doing his east coast tour. Philadelphia planning, is withholding details on main line subway closures. I chuckle because I see ‘safety’ as a justification for poor planning, since the infrastructure is already pretty overburdened on daily events, let alone a giant religious event. Tomorrow starts the festivities and quite a bit of center city is already closed off, or has the barricades ready to install.

On the upside, in the madness of bad logistics, I have some extra days off for a long weekend. I should get a bike ride in before everything else starts up this week. Circling back to the weather, it is nice to not sweat profusely when enjoying a ride.

City life is busy, but goes well. After a year here, I feel I have adapted pretty well. Last night I made some rice in a new cooker I picked up. It makes chimes like ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. I chucked and about an hour later, enjoyed some rice. As usual, I am reading security news as it comes up. While reading articles, cutting through the fluff shock articles and the ones that detail valid exploit disclosure details, as to better protect against the practical vectors. Nerd life :)
I have been reading various books and working on my coding skills. I am taking my time, as to keep the concepts in my head in a workable manner.

Thanks for reading this journal-like entry. Granted that is nothing too new for this site. Be well, stay out of trouble, enjoy yourselves and never stop imagining what you can do.